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  3. evanyudo:

    Five, six or even a dozen is enough and then I will start my diet. 

    Chocolate cookie request! 

    AHH, thank you everyone for the overwhelming response on the Ramen gif! Glad you guys liked it. The amount of likes are insane! Thank you very much.

    I will continue to make more. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send a message! 


  4. Always

    For me, it is always an issue of perspective and by that, I mean it is entirely too difficult to keep in perspective that “this too shall pass,” “tomorrow is another day,” etc. I just cannot and it is very frustrating, annoying, and most of all, painful. It is excruciatingly painful to constantly remind myself that the life as I know it is not THE END. Logically speaking, I very much know that happiness is a state of mind and completely dependent on how a person perceives his/her world around them. For example, if literally everything in the universe is jolly, this does not automatically guarantee one’s happiness. And so, I am once again in such a predicament. I am certainly not wallowing in my t(f)ears as I once upon a time did many years ago, but then again, I am not really loving life either.

    Some people are born happy and others have to try so incredibly hard to even reach half of that natural happiness level. I know I sound so unnecessarily dramatic…and I don’t even have this excuse: But I’m a teenager! 

    Life is life. 

    I have always been petrified of making mistakes and right now, I am beyond petrified that I have made the worst mistake of my life. And yet, if I don’t see myself in this reality, I honestly can’t picture myself in any other probable reality. If I wasn’t doing what I was doing now, I don’t know what I’d be spending my time doing… at least in this current reality, I’m doing something and not merely twiddling my thumbs. Right?

  5. andisbetter:

    Rain, rain, go away so we can open the sunroof in a sleek AND stylish Ford with amazing comfort AND technology. Yes, AND Is Better even with a windows-down hairdo.

  6. Emma Watson @ 86th Annual Academy Awards

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  7. "I’m not going to say who is the prettiest but lets face it….it’s Jared Leto."

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    Lol yesssss

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