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  2. "If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude."
    — Maya Angelou

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    Jim Barna Log & Timber Home. Via Home Design Elements, Knoxville, TN.


  4. Do you know who is fabulous?

    Jean Shrimpton.

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  6. This face.


  7. I get stressed V E R Y easily. I find it extremely irritating actually and honestly wish I would just c h i l l out on the regular, but I physically and mentally cannot. It is impossible. Usually when I get stressed, my emotions are totally out of whack and basically, I am doomed for completely irrational thoughts, which I absolutely hate. I like being rational, logical, and composed. Emotions cloud my brain and it is so frustrating when I cannot find my way past the fog. Sometimes, it makes my body want to e x p l o d e. 

    I’m pretty sure this is why I had a complete meltdown last semester. No, I KNOW this is the reason. Summer has been significantly better.

    Here are three ways that help me keep my sanity:

    1. Yoga
    2. Walk outside
    3. Mental list of all the things that are going right

    Also, I’ve been trying to conceal my facial expressions so that they do not blatantly manifest my actual feelings. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes not. It is really hard to conceal disappointment, anger, confusion, and uncertainty. My clinical instructor claims that the best way to make it is to just fake it ‘til you make it. If that’s not the most overused cliche ever, I don’t know what is… but I suppose cliches are cliches because they hold at least a tiny bit of truth in them. 

    Emotional turmoil all the freaking time. I have psychoanalyzed myself in 4,000 different ways and I am only recently starting to accept who I am. Self-acceptance is a lot more difficult than people make it out to be, but they say it is possible, so I will keep an open mind and try.